9.  SCC One Somerset Business Case:Cllr Paul informed cllrs that the One Somerset proposal as well as the Stronger Somerset proposal were now with the Secretary of State to make a decision. 10.Milestones in the Parish update:The clerk informed cllrs that a response had been received regarding the AA sign at Stembridge. The advice given was to remove it and place it somewhere more secure in the parish, in a hall perhaps. It was felt that it shouldn’t be moved from the building where it has been for years but to speak to the owners of the property to secure its future there. With regards to the three milestones. One of which is missing, one is missing the plate and the other is damaged. Clerk asked if there was anyone local to the parish who could make new cast iron plates, the milestone society have suggested Cerdic of Chard. Clerk would contact them for a quote.       11.Lock-Up Update:Clerk informed cllrs that she would need to purchase a location plan at a cost of £11 to submit with the application for Adverse Possession and the fee for that application would be £70. Clerk would be paying online and Cllrs agreed to reimburse the clerk.  12.Footpaths and Bridleways: Cllr Aplin gave an update on the problem with off roaders on the drove on West Moor. Hambridge Parish Council clerk has been in close contact with the police about this problem and with the help of a local farmer who managed to take photographs of the vehicles involved, the police will now be serving a section 59 on the owners of the vehicles and if the untaxed vehicle is parked on the highway, that will be taken away and crushed. Also depending on their response to the police calling on them, they may be served a fine for breaking Covid rules, as off roading was an unnecessary activity.  Cllr Cox reported that there was a branch down on Pulpittsway footpath, cllr Warren would ask Bob Warren to take a look. Cllr Cox had also been asked by walkers if some dog waste bins could be placed in the Stembridge area. Permission would be required from the District Council, as they would be emptying them, clerk would contact them.  13.Highway Matters: Clerk informed cllrs of the response from highways about the request for a speed survey. There is now a charge for this service, £225 per radar per week. Their advice however if one was carried out, was that either A) they would do nothing if speeds on average are within the speed limit. B)refer to the police to carry out enforcement or C)if appropriate look at what other measures could be put in place to help reduce speeds, but that would need to be a cost effective option. It was felt that as we have our own Speed Indicator Device and therefore have data as to what the speeds are, and an enforcement police officer already attends at West Lambrook, there didn’t seem to be any real benefit in paying for a speed survey. An email had been received regarding the Community Speedwatch and the fact that it seems to have fizzled out. It was agreed that if the resident wanted to resurrect it that would be great. It was also reported that there had been a great deal of mud left on the road this autumn and winter by farmers and construction sites. It was agreed that sometimes speaking to the farmer or builder often gets a positive result in cleaning the road. Failing that it can be reported on the County Council website, who will contact the farmer or builder. Cllr Aplin requested that the parish ranger be asked to clear debris from the pipe openings at Deadlands so the water can drain away. Not sure whether ranger is allowed out and about at present but clerk will contact the District Council.   14.Date and time of next meeting: Virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams on  Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 8pm,   Public Question Time There were no public present, one email had been received and this would be discussed during item 13. Present via Microsoft Teams: Mrs L Langford(Chair), Miss S Brooks, Mrs C Paul,  Mrs P Warren, Messrs C Aplin, P Carpenter, K Cox, N Frost, P Loxston and cllr M Stanton.    1.  Apologies for Absence: Mrs T Burnett and Mr S Jones. 2.  Declarations of Interests:All cllrs have acknowledged by email the dispensation required in order to discuss item 6 the setting of the precept for 2021/22 3.  Confirmation of previous minutes: Minutes for the 2nd December 2020 were agreed and would be signed at the earliest convenience. 4.  Planning:Cllrs resolved to support the following applications: 20/03383/HOU the erection of a two storey extension to side of dwelling at 7 Lambrook Gate, West Lambrook. 20/03407/HOU the erection of a detached carport at Robins Nest, Folly Road, Kingsbury Episcopi. 20/02724/FUL the demolition of agricultural buildings and alterations to access and erection of three dwellings with garages and a garage for the existing dwelling at Weston Farm, Folly Road, Kingsbury Episcopi. Additional observations were that the waiting bay needs to be wide enough that any vehicle parking there is able to park completely off the road and that the proposed dwelling in plot 3 is sited further back to avoid overlooking into properties opposite the site. 5.  Cheques: Cllrs resolved to approve the following cheques and they would be signed at the earliest convenience: SSDC - £173.16 – Parish Ranger fees. Came and Co - £422.04 – Parish Council Insurance.  6.  Setting of Precept for 2021/22: After a full and frank discussion and taking into account the last year with the pandemic, the council did not want to put a further financial burden on its residents, it was therefore resolved not to increase the precept for the coming year, but provisions would need to be made next year to raise money for the purchase of land for the cemetery.  7.  Review and adopt Risk Assessment policy for Parish Council: Cllrs having all received a copy of the risk assessment prior to the meeting resolved to adopt it and this would be signed at the earliest convenience. The clerk informed cllrs that a quarterly financial update would now be produced and that the council’s assets, such as seats, bus shelter etc should be checked regularly. Most of these the clerk would check monthly and cllr Loxston volunteered to check the seat at the top of Burrow Hill and cllr Frost would check the picnic bench at Middleney pumping station. 8.  Quarterly update for Community Centre, Shop and Recreation Ground:Cllr Warren informed the council that the shop hours of opening would continue. A marquee has been erected to extend the capacity for the café and the café is now offering takeaway meals. The post office continues to be busy. At the next shop committee meeting they will discussing a proposal to erect a permanent extension over the patio. Cllr Cox did ask whether the amenities committee had already been informed of this proposal, which they have. At present the Community Centre is closed.
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Invitation to all residents, organisations and businesses in Kingsbury Episcopi Parish. (East, West & Middle Lambrook, Stembridge, Higher & Lower Burrow, Thorney, Gawbridge And Kingsbury Episcopi) Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting On 26 th March 2020 at 8pm At KINGSBURY EPISCOPI COMMUNITY CENTRE Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. We need your help in producing our Neighbourhood Plan for the future of our Parish. This will include future development for employment as well as housing that meets our needs whilst ensuring that new buildings harmonise with our older ones and that our valued landscapes and wildlife habitats are not impaired. Come along and hear about what your local organisations and the Parish Council have done this year. Tell us what you would like the Parish Council to do this coming year. Do you have views on grass verges, litter, traffic and speeding, potholes and blocked drains? This is not a Parish Council meeting, this is an open meeting for all parishioners so why not come along and tell us your views, suggestions, ask questions whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits!! Sarah Potepa Parish Clerk
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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and government advice, Parish Council meetings will be held virtually using Microsoft teams for the foreseeable future. The agenda’s will still be posted on the notice boards each month and if a member of the public wishes to be present at the meeting using Microsoft teams, can you please email the clerk prior to the meeting so that a link can be sent to you on the evening where you will be invited to comment or ask questions during public question time. If you are unable to attend using Microsoft teams please email the clerk with your question or comments and she will bring it to the attention of the Parish Council at the meeting. Email: Kingsbury-Episcopi.pc@hotmail.com VIRTUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL FOR KINGSBURY EPISCOPI  ON WEDNESDAY 4th NOVEMBER 2020 AT 8PM. Public Question time/comments.  Agenda 	1.	Apologies for absence. 	2.	Declarations of Interest. 	3.	Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting held on the 7th October 2020. 	4.	Planning: 20/02911/HOU – Demolish existing single storey extension and erection of a two storey extension to rear of dwelling at Meadowcroft,Newtown, Kingsbury Episcopi for Mr and Mrs Allen. 	5.	Cheques: Miss S Brooks - £1600.00 – Cemetery grass cutting.                 WEL Medical Ltd - £39.54 – Defibrillator Pads.   	6.	Flood risk to Kingsbury Episcopi: Update from resident Mr Dowling.                                                       To discuss and agree the way forward. 	7.	Middle Lambrook and New Cross project for Full Fibre Broadband and ‘Connect my Community’ project with OpenReach. 	8.	Climate Emergency Community Fund: Update on application. 	9.	Community Infrastructure Levy payment received of £1912.20.  	10.	Milestones in the Parish: Update. 	11.	Community Right to Bid: Update on Lock-up. 	12.	SSDC: The Great Parish Tree Giveaway and New grant from Re-imagining the Levels-Trees for Water. Christmas Tree recycling. Proposal to refuse badger cull on SSDC land.  	13.	Footpaths and Bridleways: Update on Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 and updating the definitive map of footpaths.Overview of responsibilities and process for reporting problems with footpaths and bridleways 	14.	Highway Matters:  Update on Burrow Way.                                Update on Gawbridge.                                       	15.	Date and time of next meeting.                                                                                               Sarah Potepa                                                                                             Parish Clerk Return to top Return to top  DIARY DATES March - April 2021
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and government advice the following meeting was held via Microsoft Teams. The agenda had been posted on all notice boards and the public were given the opportunity to contact the clerk if they wished to attend the meeting via Microsoft Teams. Parish Council meeting 6 th January 2021.
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Kingsbury Episcopi Parish Councillors Chris Aplin – Higher Burrow Farm, Kingsbury Episcopi. – chris@ocmis.com 01460 241436 Sally Brooks – Southways, Silver Street, Kingsbury Episcopi. – sallyannbrooks@tiscali.co.uk 01935 824612 Tracey Burnett, Rose Villa, Lower Burrow - steves-windscreen@btconnect.com 01460 242347 Paul Carpenter, Oakwood Cottage, West End, K.E. - pcarpenter49@gmail.com 01935 825470 Kevin Cox – The Bungalow, Stembridge. – coxykev@yahoo.co.uk 01460 249139 Nick Frost, The Old Rising Sun, Thorney. - nick@frostline.org.uk 01458 250994 Simon Jones, The Barton, Folly Road, K.E - simon.jones@leonardocompany.com 01935 823448 Lorraine Langford- Willowood, Stembridge. – lglangford@icloud.com 01460 241188 Peter Loxston, Oak Cottage, Burrow Way - pete@loxston.co.uk 07970 275756 Clare Paul – Tuppence House, Stembridge, - clarepaul1@gmail.com 01460 241895 PaulineWarren – Hill House, Stembrdge. – paulinewarren3@hotmail.com 01460 240092 Parish clerk – Sarah Potepa, Hayes Farm, Silver Street, East Lambrook, TA13 5HW Kingsbury-Episcopi.pc@hotmail.com 01460242369 County Councillor – Clare Paul - as above. District Councillor – Mike Stanton - mike.stanton@southsomerset.gov.uk Councillors Register of interests forms are available on the District Councils website www.southsomerset.gov.uk