5.  Footpaths and Bridleways:  A report had been received that a footpath between Burrow Hill Farm and Lower Burrow was obstructed by crops. Clerk would contact the landowner. There was also a tree that had fallen down across the footpath at West End. Clerk to establish whose tree it is and contact the owner. It was also reported that a drove on West Moor was severely overgrown, it was established that the drove was not actually a footpath so the issue would not be reported.  6.  Highway Matters: Complaints had been received that as the verge on Broadway had not been cut this was causing problems for walkers and cyclists. They have to walk further into the road and vehicles that are trying to pass them are becoming impatient waiting because of oncoming traffic. It was decided that we ask the contractor to cut the edge of the verge so that the overhanging grass etc didn’t hang into the road. Clerk to report a drain cover that is sticking up in the road as well as a pothole near Glenwood House, Stembridge. It was also asked whether any response about the steps leading to Giffords Orchard that are unsafe. Clerk to chase it up.   7.  Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 1st July 2020 at 8pm, venue to be confirmed nearer the date as it was asked whether the meeting could be held outside the school in the playground whilst observing social distancing.   Public Question Time: No members of the public had contacted the clerk. Cllr Brooks asked whether we could ask the speed enforcement officer to carry out speed checks on Thorney Road. Clerk would contact Avon and Somerset Police. The chair informed cllrs that a thank you letter had been received from St Martins Church for the grant towards the roof appeal, and apparently the culprits for the theft of the lead have been caught stealing lead elsewhere. Present via Skype: Mrs L Langford(Chair), Miss S Brooks, Miss C Paul, Mrs P Warren, Messrs K Cox, N Frost.P Loxston and Cllr M Stanton..   1.  Apologies for Absence: Mrs T Burnett, Messrs C Aplin and R Dowdeswell. 2.  Declarations of Interests:  None 3.  Confirmation of previous minutes: Minutes for the 6th May 2020 were agreed and would be signed at the earliest opportunity. 4.  Planning: Cllrs resolved to support the following planning application. 20/01395/HOU – Demolition of existing garage/store and erection of new double garage/store at The Bungalow, Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi.
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Invitation to all residents, organisations and businesses in Kingsbury Episcopi Parish. (East, West & Middle Lambrook, Stembridge, Higher & Lower Burrow, Thorney, Gawbridge And Kingsbury Episcopi) Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting On 26 th March 2020 at 8pm At KINGSBURY EPISCOPI COMMUNITY CENTRE Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. We need your help in producing our Neighbourhood Plan for the future of our Parish. This will include future development for employment as well as housing that meets our needs whilst ensuring that new buildings harmonise with our older ones and that our valued landscapes and wildlife habitats are not impaired. Come along and hear about what your local organisations and the Parish Council have done this year. Tell us what you would like the Parish Council to do this coming year. Do you have views on grass verges, litter, traffic and speeding, potholes and blocked drains? This is not a Parish Council meeting, this is an open meeting for all parishioners so why not come along and tell us your views, suggestions, ask questions whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits!! Sarah Potepa Parish Clerk
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Cancelled due to Covid19 To be reconvened when pandemic has run its course.
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For comments or contributions on this website please contact:- parish@kingsburyepiscopi.com
Kingsbury Episcopi Parish Councillors Chris Aplin – Higher Burrow Farm, Kingsbury Episcopi. – chris@ocmis.com 01460 241436 Sally Brooks – Southways, Silver Street, Kingsbury Episcopi. – sallyannbrooks@tiscali.co.uk 01935 824612 Tracey Burnett, Rose Villa, Lower Burrow - steves-windscreen@btconnect.com 01460 242347 Paul Carpenter, Oakwood Cottage, West End, K.E. - pcarpenter49@gmail.com 01935 825470 Kevin Cox – The Bungalow, Stembridge. – coxykev@yahoo.co.uk 01460 249139 Richard Dowdeswell – Mallow Cross, West Lambrook. – richard@loudandbow.com 01460 242429 Nick Frost, The Old Rising Sun, Thorney. - nick@frostline.org.uk 01458 250994 Lorraine Langford- Willowood, Stembridge. – lglangford@icloud.com 01460 241188 Peter Loxston, Oak Cottage, Burrow Way - pete@loxston.co.uk 07970 275756 Clare Paul – Tuppence House, Stembridge, - clarepaull@gmail.com 01460 241895 PaulineWarren – Hill House, Stembrdge. – paulinewarren3@hotmail.com 01460 240092 Parish clerk – Sarah Potepa, Hayes Farm, Silver Street, East Lambrook, TA13 5HW Kingsbury-Episcopi.pc@hotmail.com 01460242369 County Councillor – Clare Paull - as above. District Councillor – Mike Stanton - mike.stanton@southsomerset.gov.uk Councillors Register of interests forms are available on the District Councils website www.southsomerset.gov.uk
In light of the Coronavirus(Covid-19) pandemic and government advice,  Parish Council meetings will be held virtually using Skype for the foreseeable future.  The agenda’s will still be posted on the notice boards each month and if a member of the public wishes to be present at the meeting using Skype, can you please email the clerk prior to the meeting so that a link can be sent to you on the evening where you will be invited to comment or ask questions during public question time. If you are unable to attend using Skype please email the clerk with your question or comments and she will bring it to the attention of the Parish Council at the meeting. Email: Kingsbury-Episcopi.pc@hotmail.com  VIRTUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL FOR KINGSBURY EPISCOPI ON WEDNESDAY 1st JULY 2020 At 8.00pm Public Question time/comments.  Agenda 	1.	Apologies for absence. 	2.	Declarations of Interest. 	3.	Confirmation of minutes of previous remote meeting held on the 3rd June 2020. 	4.	Planning: 20/01225/OUT – Outline application with all matters reserved save for access for the erection of 4no dwellings on land south of Burrow Way, Stembridge, Martock for Mrs A Bradford.20/01565/FUL – Erection of roof over existing slurry store at Lake Farm, iron Dish Lane, Higher Burrow for Mr M Johnson.20/01621/FUL – The change of use of land for the stationing of 1no shepherds cabin for holiday accommodation with associated works on land OS2200 Folly Road, Kingsbury Episcopi, for Mr and Mrs A Head.20/01699/NMA – Non material amendment to application 19/01699/NMA for minor changes to external timber balcony and stairs and extension of roof over balcony at Cherrywood, Middle Street, East Lambrook for Mr and Mrs Baker.20/01618/COL – Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed siting of a temporary caravan for the duration of the build of development site as approved on 18/02485/FUL at New Cross Fruit Farm, New Cross for Mr and Mrs Hebditch. 	5.	Cheques: Mrs S Potepa - £1475.00 – Three months clerk’s salary.S N & C A Perrin - £120.00 – Internal Audit fee.Information Commissioners Office - £40.00 - Data protection fee renewal.Westley Harris - £720.00 – Parish verge cutting. 	6.	To complete the Annual Governance & Accountability Return. 	7.	To approve the adoption of telephone kiosk at West Lambrook. 	8.	To discuss email from David Fothergill at SCC regarding a single Unitary Authority for Somerset. 	9.	To discuss email from SALC regarding Local Government Reorganisation.  	10.	Footpaths and Bridleways. 	11.	Highway Matters.                            	12.	Date and time of next meeting.                                                                                               Sarah Potepa                                                                                             Parish Clerk Return to top Return to top
In light of the Coronavirus(Covid-19) pandemic and government advice the following meeting was held via Skype. The agenda had been posted on all notice boards and the public were given the opportunity to contact the clerk if they wished to attend the meeting via Skype. Parish Council Meeting 3 rd June 2020.