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Invitation to all residents, organisations and businesses in Kingsbury Episcopi Parish. (East, West & Middle Lambrook, Stembridge, Higher & Lower Burrow, Thorney, Gawbridge And Kingsbury Episcopi) Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting On 26 th March 2020 at 8pm At KINGSBURY EPISCOPI COMMUNITY CENTRE Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. We need your help in producing our Neighbourhood Plan for the future of our Parish. This will include future development for employment as well as housing that meets our needs whilst ensuring that new buildings harmonise with our older ones and that our valued landscapes and wildlife habitats are not impaired. Come along and hear about what your local organisations and the Parish Council have done this year. Tell us what you would like the Parish Council to do this coming year. Do you have views on grass verges, litter, traffic and speeding, potholes and blocked drains? This is not a Parish Council meeting, this is an open meeting for all parishioners so why not come along and tell us your views, suggestions, ask questions whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits!! Sarah Potepa Parish Clerk
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Cancelled due to Covid19 To be reconvened when pandemic has run its course.
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Public questions/comments. There were a number of residents present, together with the applicant and agent. The following issues/comments were raised by the residents. How would the foul water be disposed of, a pumping station? This is agricultural land. The idea of raising the level of the site before any building could take place would affect the existing properties in The Avenue. It could cause flooding to their properties and an effect on insurance premiums. It has been stated that there are bus services from Kingsbury, there is only a student’s bus to Taunton and a once a week bus to Longport which returns in under two hours. Therefore most journeys would be made by car. The residents stated that they had not been consulted by the agents before the application was submitted to SSDC. After it had been submitted they received a very basic information pack that did not contain much information, but pointed residents to a website that had been set up, and that did not contain much additional information either. The proposed new length of pavement on Thorney Road although would be welcome, doesn’t really help if you expect parents to walk their children to the Primary School. At present delivery vehicles, refuse lorry etc. turn at the top of The Avenue, and if this new development goes ahead where will are the cars that park around that area park? It was felt that the transport assessment carried out on behalf on the applicant was not accurate. SSDC have now confirmed that land supply for housing for the next five years has already been met. The development could change under reserved matters, number of dwellings could increase. It was asked whether the applicant planned on carrying out the development himself or whether it was a site to just sell on to another developer. The agent responded and confirmed that the site would be sold on. This field is not the right place for a large development and the affordable housing element is not written in stone at this time. At time there is standing water in this field, recent test have shown that water is only 300mm down from the surface, so raising it by another 300mm will need a great deal of lorry loads of earth. The foundations would probably need to be piled, the extra inconvenience and noise to the residents in The Avenue is not acceptable. The amount of vehicles using the Avenue would double, and the amount of parking allocated in the new development is not adequate, nor has an alternative parking area been allowed for, for the residents in The Avenue who would be affected by the loss of one side of the existing parking area. A great deal of people walk through the Avenue daily because it is safe to do so at present, as it’s a cull de sac, if this development is approved, The Avenue will no longer be a cull de sac but a through road to the new development. The increase in traffic on the roads around Kingsbury together with the access onto Thorney Road which is already dangerous should be a serious consideration when Cllrs consider their decision. Demolishing part of one of the houses will change the look of The Avenue. The local primary school is one of the best in Somerset, the capacity of the school would need to be increased and with that the possible standard could diminish. Any development has to be an asset to our community; this proposal would not be an asset. The site is on the edge of the Somerset levels, flooding maps may state that the land is not in a flood zone, but with climate change, which is to say it will not be in the near future. The suffering of wellbeing alone, that this proposal is causing the residents at The Avenue, should be grounds to refuse this application. In times of serious flooding in the area, there is only one road in and out of Kingsbury. The proposed access to the site is not suitable; some of the proposed dwellings are less than 2metres away from the back gardens of properties in The Avenue. There appears to be a hammerhead at the far end of the site, is that left that way for another development in the future.
The chair of the Primary School Governor’s spoke of the schools capacity. At present the school is oversubscribed by 21 places. There should be 5 classes of 29 pupils, at present there are 6 classes, this development could mean 25 more pupils which would mean an additional class. Investment would be needed from the local authority/developer. The mobile classrooms being used at present are at the end of their life. Would it be easy to not take pupils from outside our catchment, not really, if there is already a child at the primary school, it would natural to want the second child to attend the same school. It was asked how many pupils at present were from outside out catchment. The chair had tried to obtain this figure, but at present he did not have that information. The agent responded with a figure of 68 pupils that were from our catchment, the remaining 93 were from outside, however when asked by the chair who gave him these figures, he could not give an officers name. He did state however that if they would be over capacity, the local authority could seek a S106 agreement for funding from the developer. Cllr Loxston informed the agent that The Avenue was constructed in the 1950’s with concrete slab and no sub-base, the structure of the road is therefore not of a standard to cope with the increase in the number of vehicles from this new development. He suggested that a structural survey should be carried out first, and if the development is approved, the road itself will be damaged further by construction equipment, who will rectify that damage? The Avenue is also not wide enough for two lorries to pass each other. The agent then spoke in response to the other issues raised. He was not aware of The Avenue’s history, but stated that as it is an adopted highway, county highways would carry out any repairs that were needed at that time. The new road inside the development would also be adopted by county highways once the development was completed. He also stated that he had spoken to Highways and they would not be objecting to the proposal, their full comments would be available on the planning website in due course. The development would not commence until how the foul drainage would be dealt with was agreed. Climate change has been considered. There will be a turning area in the new development. This application is outline only for 25 dwellings. If the number were to increase, a new application would have to be submitted. Although Kingsbury Episcopi is not the most sustainable village for a new development, very few villages are, and he emphasised that policy SS2 was the important policy to be considered. Present: Cllr L Langford(Chair), Miss S Brooks, Mrs C Paul, Mrs P Warren, Messrs K Cox, N Frost, P Carpenter, P Loxston and Cllr M Stanton. 1.Apologies for absence: None 2.Declarations of Interest: Cllr Langford regarding planning application 21/00503/OUT land OS3346 off Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi. Cllr Langford then stood down from chairing the meeting and vice chair Cllr Cox took item 3. 3.Planning Application: Having fully discussed all the issues and concerns from the residents regarding this proposal, the vice chair asked for any comments/proposal. Cllr Frost thanked everyone present for their comments and reminded them to submit their comments to the SSDC website as well. Cllr Carpenter then proposed that the Parish Council should object to this application for the following reasons: Highway issues and safety, housing land supply has already been met, environmental impact, local services such as school and surgeries are full and the development is too large for the village. Cllr Brooks second the proposal. A vote was taken and 6 cllrs were in favour of the proposal to object to the application with one abstaining, as the application may be taken to the Area North committee. 4.Date and time of next meeting: Cllrs were reminded that the next Parish Council meeting would be held a week later than usual because of the elections, on Wednesday 12 th May at 8.00pm at St Martins Church Rooms, Kingsbury Episcopi. Unless the Government agrees to allow Councils to continue to meet virtually.
In light of Covid-19 pandemic and government advice the following meeting was held via Microsoft Teams. The agenda had been posted on all notice boards and the public were given the opportunity to contact the clerk if they wished to attend the meeting via Microsoft Teams, Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21 st April 2021
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Annual Parish Council Meeting 12th May 2021. 195/196 Public question time: The chair cllr Langford thanked everyone for the past year, despite its difficulties the Parish has coped really well. She was pleased the council were finally able to meet in person and was nice to see everyone again. She pointed out that the doors had to be left open to allow ventilation, and to exit the building the rear door should be used, and that face masks should be worn, but could be removed when speaking. She has been chair for the past two years and would now like to step down from the position, and nominations for chair would be asked for shortly. One member of the public was present, requesting an update on issues reported a few months ago. The Gypsy site at Gawbridge and its status. Clerk informed the council that it was still in the hands of SSDC, They were looking through their archives to establish what happened when the family were allowed to return to the site without planning permission, and whether conditions were applied at that time. The Gypsy site at Coles Furlong. The clerk informed the council that it was still in the hands of SSDC, they have been made aware that a third mobile home is now on the site, without planning permission. She would also reported there are dog kennels as well, which would indicate they are possibly breeding dogs as well. The footpath between Scotts lane and Middle Street, East Lambrook which is badly obstructed by the Oak Tree, which has been ongoing for some time. Cllr Frost reported it online at the meeting. It was suggested that our County Councillor may be able to help with this, as Highways and Rights of Way are both involved in this path as it’s tarmaced. Cllr Loxston was pleased to note that the Highways Planning Officer had stated that a before and after survey would be carried out on The Avenue, if the development was approved. Cllr Carpenter asked when the application would be heard at The Area North meeting. Clerk stated that she would be notified when that is and would let everyone know as soon as she knows. Cllr Brooks thanked the chair and the clerk for keeping the Parish Council running throughout the last very challenging year. Present: Mrs L Langford(Chairperson), Miss S Brooks, Mrs T Burnett, Mrs P Warren, Messrs P Carpenter,K Cox, S Jones, P loxston and N Frost. 1. Election of Chair: Nominations for the chair for the ensuing year were called for, at which point Cllr Warren proposed cllr Langford, duly seconded by cllr Frost. As there were no other nominations a vote was taken and unanimously carried that cllr Langford continue as chair for a further year. Cllr Langford duly signed her acceptance of office. 2. To receive declarations of acceptance and review of Interest forms. All cllrs signed their declarations and it was resolved that any not completed tonight would be completed by the 5 th June 2021. 3. Apologies for absence: Cllrs Paul and Aplin. 4. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Cox, Carpenter, Loxston, Jones, Langford and Brooks declared an interest in the planning application at The Bungalow, Stembridge. As this would only leave three cllrs able to vote, which was not quorate, the application could not be discussed. It would have to be deferred until a dispensation had been granted. Cllr Burnett declared an interest in the planning application on Southay Farm Lane, East Lambrook. 5. Election of Vice-Chair: Cllr Frost proposed cllr Cox, seconded by cllr Carpenter. As there were no other nominations a vote was taken and unanimously carried that cllr Cox continue as vice-chair for a further year. 6. Confirmation of previous minutes: Minutes for the 7 th and 21 st April were agreed and duly signed. 7. The following appointments to sub committees were resolved. The Cemetery Sub-Committee are Cllrs Brooks, Loxston and Warren. The Grievance and Disciplinary Committee are Cllrs Burnett, Cox and Paul. The Appeal Panel are Cllrs Carpenter, Frost and Brooks. Parish Environment Warden is the clerk Sarah Potepa. Affiliated member for the Amenities Committee Cllr Aplin. 8. Review and adopt Code of Conduct: Cllrs having been sent a copy of the Code of Conduct, resolved to adopt the Code of Conduct. 9. Review and adopt Standing Orders: Cllrs having been sent a copy of the Standing Orders, resolved to adopt the Standing Orders. 10.Review and adopt the statement of Internal Control and Financial Regulations. Cllrs having been sent a copy of these, resolved to adopt them. 11.Reaffirm General Power of Competence:Cllrs resolved to reaffirm the General Power of Competence. 12.Planning applications:The application for The Bungalow was deferred for reasons stated in item 4. The planning application for the siting of three holiday lodges with formation of access and parking area at Southay Farm Lane, East Lambrook was discussed fully. Clld Jones proposed it should be supported, duly seconded by cllr Loxston. Cllr Frost then proposed it should be supported but with a condition that use is restricted to holiday let, duly seconded by cllr Carpenter. The second proposal was taken first, two in favour. The first proposal was then taken and unanimously carried that the application be supported. 13.Climate Emergency Grant Fund:Cllr Loxston gave a summary of where the project is now, which would be called Kingsbury Wildlife Group. The aim is to create more enjoyment in our environment, to educate people on how to look after the wildlife and to collect data on the wildlife we have in our area. Nesting boxes for Swallows, Owls etc would be purchased as well as wildlife cameras to monitor what, how and when wildlife behaves. RSPB and Natural England were advising on all aspects of the project, as they are concerned about some issues on West Moor, involving the nesting birds and flora and fauna. As part of the project, information boards would be erected at the entrances to the Moors, with a map of footpaths/bridleways. Information on what wildlife you could expect to see on the Moors and how to behave responsibly whilst on the Moors. The Primary School would be very involved in the monitoring of the wildlife, to help educate the children on our environment whilst making it enjoyable for them.
The grant of £8289.39 is to cover all costs for equipment needed and includes £4500 for an administrator, for three years, to collect and collate data for reporting back to Somerset County Council. SCC will regularly check that the grant is being spent as it should be. As the Parish Council will ultimately be responsible for the grant money, it was proposed by cllr Frost and seconded by cllr Jones, that a sub-committee, to include some parish councillors, be formed to oversee the project and report back to the Parish Council, this was unanimously carried. An article would be written for the Parrett Talk informing people of the project and asking for volunteers who would like to be involved. Cllr Carpenter informed cllrs that the joint project with Muchelney Parish, for Pedal for the Planet, was ongoing and it was proposed that cllr Carpenter should represent this Parish on that group. 14.Playdays 2021:The play day should go ahead this year in August and a request for funding had been received. Cllr Brooks proposed £300 and cllr Burnett seconded, this was unanimously carried. 15.Grant for St Martins Church:A request had been received for £325 towards the churchyard grasscutting. Cllr Frost declared an interest. As we had supported this in previous years cllr Brooks proposed we should grant the £325, seconded by cllr Burnett, unanimously carried. 16.Amenities/Community Shop Update:Cllr Cox informed cllrs that The Community Centre would be reopening on the 18 th May for some classes. They have some christenings and weddings booked as well. As the AGM did not take place in 2020, it was asked when it would be rescheduled, this has not been announced as yet. Cllr warren informed cllrs that the shop is struggling at present with not enough volunteers, but there are some young people coming on board. The shop did really well during the pandemic but has now reverted back to pre-pandemic numbers. The café is open. There is going to be a change in committee members, by co-option. Cllr Frost questioned that may not be possible, he asked that cllr Warren take his concerns back to the shop committee. The AGM should be in September, but that would be confirmed shortly. 17.SSDC:The clerk informed cllrs that the CEO Alex Parmley is standing down and would be leaving in July. Clare Pestell, a director would be the new interim CEO until the Unitary debate has been decided. The clerk also informed cllrs that everyone in South Somerset would be receiving voting papers regarding the Unitary debate, for their opinions on whether we should have one Unitary authority or two. 18.Phosphate in the Parrett:Cllr Frost had contacted Mr Clegg regarding his quest to put together more information on the phosphates in our rivers and moors. It was also suggested that perhaps Mr Clegg would like to put an article together for the Parrett Talk, the clerk would contact him. 19.Bus Back Better:Cllrs having read the email, stated yes it’s a good idea to try and increase buses in the areas, but not really sure what they are asking the Parish Council to do. Clerk would contact them. 20.Footpaths and bridleways: Cllr Loxston, informed cllrs that the project to re-open some historical paths, has been on hold because of the pandemic, but the next step would be to contact the relevant landowners to get them on board with the project. Cllr Burnett stated that the West Moor Group of landowners were meeting next week. Cllr Frost informed cllrs that there is no public right of way beyond the end of the road that is Norton Drove. A fingerpost on Summerway Drove is damaged and hidden in undergrowth. This has been reported to SCC. 21.Highway matters:The clerk reported back on the recent site visit with the highways supervisor. A great deal of red lines have now appeared on roads around the area for work to be carried out. New Cross Hill has been put forward for a completely new drainage scheme, as the existing storm drains are blocked with hedge roots and they are not able to affectively jet them through. This work will not be carried out for a couple of years though. It was asked when the bridge at the bottom of Stockditch Road would be repaired and also could the large potholes on the road going up the hill form the bridge be repaired. As cllr Paul was not present, the small improvement scheme options for Thorney Road would be discussed at the next meeting, and in the meantime cllrs would look at the Traffic Choices websites to put together a list of what options might be possible for Thorney Road. It was asked whether a reminder could be sent to the new occupants of Sunshine Cottage at Stembridge regarding the height of their hedge on the corner. Clerk to also report the large log that is being left in the road to reserve parking for Dudmoor Corner, it is an obstruction. 22.Date and time of next meeting: Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 2nd June at 8pm, at St Martins Church Rooms, Kingsbury Episcopi, as the Primary School is not accessible at present.
Annual Parish Council Meeting 12th May 2021.
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