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Parish Council Meeting 5th February 2020.   Housekeeping: The chair pointed out to everyone where the fire exit was in case of a fire and where the toilets were. Also explaining that members of the public would have their opportunity to speak on any topic, during public question time. Public Question Time: A representative from Somerset Bridleways spoke about the newly designated bridleway from Pulpittsway to Hill Drive. They have raised lots of money to make improvements to the path together with SCC who will carrying out some drainage work to the path. However some motorized vehicles are using this path for fun and churning up the service. It was asked if there was signage available to alert people to the fact that, clerk would contact SCC rights of way, as well as put an article in the Parrett Talk. A resident of Little Lane, asked if something could be done about the continual flooding in the Lane, drains need unblocking in the lane and also on Burrow Way by SCC and ditches needed to be cleaned out be landowners. The agent spoke of the planning application on land at Crate Cottage, Kingsbury Episcopi and answered concerns over more vehicular movements over the public footpath. It was asked if the following issues on footpaths could be reported. Sign at Gawbridge Mill, sign at Middle Lambrook Manor and a gate post at Blue Stone Lane to Southay.  Present: Mrs L Langford(Chair), Miss S Brooks, Mrs T Burnett, Miss C Paul, Mrs P Warren, Messrs C Aplin, P Carpenter, K Cox, N Frost, P Loxston and Cllr Stanton.   1.  Apologies for Absence:   Mr R Dowdeswell. 2.  Declarations of Interests:  There were no declarations of interests. 3.  Confirmation of previous minutes: Minutes for the 8th January 2020 were agreed and duly signed. 4.  Do you know who your Village Agent is? Chris Wilkinson introduced himself and spoke about what the Community Council actually offers. They support and serve the community in whatever way they can. Helping the socially isolated, mobility issues, carers, gardeners etc. They meet at the Talking Café, the Angel, Bow Street, Langport on a Monday morning or can carry out home visits. Cllr Warren also pointed out that the Community Council were extremely helpful when they were putting together the Lottery Bid for the Community Centre and Shop.   5.  Planning Application: Although there was some concern over the increased vehicular movement over the public footpath Cllrs resolved to approve the application for the erection of a single dwelling with associated parking and garage on land at rear of Crate Cottage, Folly Road, Kingsbury Episcopi. 6.  Cheques:Cllrs resolved to approve the following cheques: DHF Products Ltd - £122.40 – Village of the Year signs. SSDC - £337.44 – Two months Parish Ranger Fees. 7.  Parrett Talk: The Parrett Talk requested £500, which had previously been agreed by the Parish Council, towards production costs of the Parrett Talk. Cheque was subsequently signed.     8.  To approve Parish Council Insurance renewal: Cllrs having been sent copies of the three quotes for the Insurance, resolved to accept the quote from our existing insurers at a cost of £361.20 and the cheque was subsequently signed. 9.  To review the venue for future Parish Council meetings: Cllr Warren proposed a change of venue for the Parish Council meetings, as often it was cold at the school and adult sized chairs were not always available. She proposed a move to the Meeting Room at the Community Centre, this was seconded by Cllr Frost. It was then pointed out that Parish Council meetings could not be held on licensed premises, which the Community Centre is. It was then suggested that perhaps the meetings were moved around the Parish, there’s the Church Rooms in Kingsbury and the schoolrooms in East Lambrook. After a full and frank discussion it was resolved that the meetings should continue to be held at the School, to avoid any confusion.  10.Village of the Year:Cllr Warren asked how the proposed Sensory Garden was coming along. At present there are a couple of parishioners who are interested in taking on the project, but it was felt that £2K wasn’t going to be enough to complete it. Alongside this the Recreation Committee is looking at updating the play equipment and the May festival is planting some trees around the recreation ground. This year’s campaign for Village of the Year is underway and to that end a reported from Somerset Live would be coming to Kingsbury on Wednesday to find out more about the village and what it takes to win Village of the Year. 11.Discuss producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish: Cllrs Langford and Frost are going to a meeting about producing a Neighbourhood Plan later on the 13th February. It was therefore agreed that perhaps this should be discussed further at the Annual Parish Meeting in March, where hopefully parishioners could also become involved with the production of the plan.   12.Defibrillator for East lambrook:In memory of Emilia England a group of residents have raised money for a defibrillator in East Lambrook. They are effectively renting it for four years, and this includes any repairs, replacements, theft etc. They wish to place it in the Kiosk on Silver Street, which has been adopted by the Parish Council and in order to save money they would like to purchase it through the Parish Council.  Cllrs agreed to both requests.    13.VE Day 75 on 8th May 2020 update: There will be a musical evening at the Community Centre as well as an exhibition in the Church over the weekend, as well a Church Service which will include soup and cake. It is hoped there will be a children’s event as well if a volunteer can be found to organise it.  14.Recreation Ground & Community Centre quarterly review: Both the recreation ground and the community centre are busy and the overflow car park is now completed. PBTP tickets are now on sale at the shop. 15.SSDC:A letter had been received from the Leader of SSDC. Cllrs suggested that perhaps both Leaders of SSDC and SCC would like to attend the next Parish Council meeting to give us insight into the future of Local Government. Clerk would invite them both. It was asked whether we would like the Playday event to take place at the Recreation Ground again this year and if we could make a contribution towards it.  Cllrs agreed and approved a contribution of £250. 16.SCC:Cllrs were asked for nominations for the Chair’s award for service to the Community. Cllr Carpenter proposed a name which cllrs agreed with. Clerk would submit the application.   17.Somerset Wildlife Trust: Cllrs Burnett and Frost would attend the next meeting on the 5th March and report back to the Council.  18.Footpaths and Bridleways: Following on from the earlier talk, cllrs agreed that the works planned for the path at Pulpittsway were welcomed, and once the works had been carried out to ensure that adjacent landowners need to cut the hedges back on the path side regularly. A response had been received from the Arborist at SSDC regarding the Oak Tree on the footpath at Middle Street, East Lambrook, they would not give permission to fell the tree. Clerk was still investigating the ownership of the tree and would continue to investigate it and report back.  19.Highway Matters: It would appear that large lorries are using Stockditch road as a cut through from Kingsbury Episcopi to east Lambrook, this road is totally unsuitable for these lorries, the bridge at the bottom of the hill has been knocked into the ditch again. It was asked whether a weight limit could be placed on the road or signage stating that the road is not suitable for HGV’s. There had previously been a sign at Southay junction but it then disappeared. Cllr Paul would speak to County Highways. Clerk to report the blockage at the mouth of the pipe in the ditch at Deadlands and the  blocked drain on Burrow Way. Drain cover over side entry drain on Hill Drove was broken as well as the drain being blocked. Cllrs were informed that in some cases if Highways aren’t able to cure a drainage problem the Somerset Rivers Authority could take it on. 20.Date and time of next meeting and set date for Annual Parish Meeting: The next meeting would be held on the 4th March 2010 at 8pm. It was also agreed that the Annual Parish meeting would be held on the 26th March 2020 at 8.00pm at Kingsbury Community Centre. Click to enlarge
Invitation to all residents, organisations and businesses in Kingsbury Episcopi Parish. (East, West & Middle Lambrook, Stembridge, Higher & Lower Burrow, Thorney, Gawbridge And Kingsbury Episcopi) Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting On 26 th March 2020 at 8pm At KINGSBURY EPISCOPI COMMUNITY CENTRE Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served. We need your help in producing our Neighbourhood Plan for the future of our Parish. This will include future development for employment as well as housing that meets our needs whilst ensuring that new buildings harmonise with our older ones and that our valued landscapes and wildlife habitats are not impaired. Come along and hear about what your local organisations and the Parish Council have done this year. Tell us what you would like the Parish Council to do this coming year. Do you have views on grass verges, litter, traffic and speeding, potholes and blocked drains? This is not a Parish Council meeting, this is an open meeting for all parishioners so why not come along and tell us your views, suggestions, ask questions whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits!! Sarah Potepa Parish Clerk
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