If you register your valuable items with Immobilise, it means that if they are stolen, there is more chance that they will be returned to you if found. This service is free. Want to save money on your household insurance? If you live in Kingsbury Episcopi village, remember to indicate on your application for house and contents insurance that you live in a Neighbourhood Watch area. For other villages in the parish, please contact me and I will find out if there is a scheme in your area. If there isn't maybe you would like to consider starting one? Your local PCSO is Ben Middleditch. He can be contacted on 07827 307 775
It’s not all about peeking through the curtains!!! Neighbourhood watch is about keeping our area safe, by working together with Avon and Somerset police. If each area had a Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator to receive information from the Police, it could be passed on to neighbours quickly to avoid possible incidents. If you think you could spare an hour or two each month at the most, you could help to make Kingsbury parish a safer place than it already is. If you are interested please feel free to call me and I will answer any questions you may have and put you in touch with the right person. or 01935 824361 evenings and weekends. Angela, Kingsbury Neighbourhood watch Did you know that as from September 19th you can use ‘101’ to make a non-emergency call to the police. For emergencies please continue to call 999
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Neighbourhood Watch in the Parish of Kingsbury Episcopi
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101 - The new non-emergency number. You will be able to contact Avon & Somerset by calling us on 101
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